About us

For the purpose of improving health, enhancing immunity, find out feasible solution of anti-aging , helping Vietnamese in particular and Humanity in general, have enough strength, intelligence, and resistance to future disasters. On that basis, coffeedrinksnmore store was born.

We understand that, in order to build customer trust, in addition to product quality, it is also in our commitment throughout the operation process.

"Your satisfaction is our pleasure" with the criterion that customers are always comfortable and satisfied when using our company's products.

1. Commitment to customer service attitude:

Every time we see each other, we will:

* Listen and serve customers with respect.

* Provide correct information about all products of the Company.

* When a customer has a request or needs specific instructions about the product, our company's staff must be responsible before the customer and completely solve those requirements until the customer is satisfied.

2. Commitment to product quality:

* We are committed to supply the right product with the quality described. We do not sell fake goods, poor quality goods, goods of unknown origin.

* What you need is to provide complete information of product and price with the same quality as our company's products at a cheaper price. We are committed to sell it to you with a competitive price.

* We will refund to customers if the products we provide are not with the given quality. We only receive what we deserve when it benefits you.

With the business motto of "Quality as a strategy" to compete and develop our business, we are committed to bringing safety, peace of mind, reliability and satisfaction in product selection. , customer service, customer satisfaction is also our joy.

We are always looking forward to hearing from you, do not hesitate to call us immediately when you have any requirement that we can meet!.

Thank you very much and best regards!